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We're your go to sustainable clothing manufacturer. With a combination of experience, innovation and sheer determination to give fashion a greener name, we're here for all of your eco-conscious clothing needs. Every Lyfcycle garment is made with the end of a product's life in mind, ensuring we consider every detail of a garment when sourcing sustainable alternatives to more traditional materials. From the fabric fibres to the care label, we've got it all covered. And what's more, you can be confident that the authenticity of all sustainable and recycled materials used in your garments have been verified.


Let's keep it simple. We've divided our core services into 3 categories...

As a guide, Bespoke Manufacturing is best suited to well-established brands whereas Lyfcycle Customs™ is the place for you if you're after smaller quantities or on-demand printing. If you're here to see how we can lift your sustainability game via the use of our traceable technology, then QR Traceability could be the path for you.

Give us a shout if you need anything!

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