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Sustainable Garment Supply

We're your go to sourcing partners for sustainable clothing. With a combination of experience, innovation and sheer determination to give fashion a greener name, we're here for all of your eco-conscious clothing needs. Every Lyfcycle garment is made with the end of a product's life in mind, ensuring we consider every detail of a garment when sourcing sustainable alternatives to more traditional materials. From the fabric fibres to the care label, we've got it all covered. And what's more, you can be confident that the authenticity of all sustainable and recycled materials used in your garments have been verified.

We've divided our core manufacturing services into two offerings. Check them out below.


Bespoke Manufacturing & Collaboration

We work with a wide range of high-street brands and retailers to co-create sustainable clothing ranges. We're talking completely bespoke. You give us your ideas, inspiration and vision and we'll deliver it for you. 

With a long history in garment manufacturing, we have a vast network of trusted partners and suppliers on hand to be able to cater for your every need. 

Check out our latest collaboration with Skopes Menswear here

Lyfcycle Customs™

Starting your own eco clothing brand has never been easier. Throughout our journey to co-create bespoke clothing with our partner brands and retailers, we've encountered too many small brands that want to make clothing more sustainably but that don't fit into the mould of mass-scale manufacturing. So that's where Lyfcycle Customs™ comes in.  

With our range of carefully crafted blank tshirts, hoodies and sweats made from a blend of recycled and organic materials, in a variety of colours, you'll be off to a solid start. 

Add to that the ability to get your weird and wonderful custom prints and embroideries onto our products, and you have yourself an eco-conscious clothing brand in no time.


Digital Traceability Solutions

The Lyfcycle mobile app ties together all aspects of what we do to engage consumers and bring them into the ever-growing discussion on sustainable fashion. Every Lyfcycle made garment has a unique QR code that enables shoppers to see the 'Lyfcycle' of their clothes prior to the point of sale. Sharing with consumers how and where their garments were made and providing the knowledge required to responsibly recycle or repurpose those clothes when no longer wanted.


Textile Waste Management

As part of our commitment to reducing textile waste and fighting to prevent it from going to landfill, we offer a textile waste management service for garments being made in Bangladesh. Fabric waste generated directly from the production of clothes made in partnership with Lyfcycle is collected, sorted and responsibly recycled and repurposed. All of this is tracked and traced via our custom-built web traceability platform that gives our partner brands and retailers visibility of their waste and enables them to measure their positive impact through this solution.


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