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Mobile Phone

QR Traceability

Evidencing integrity in our supply chains

The Lyfcycle mobile app is helping to power transparency in the fashion industry, engage consumers and bring them into the ever-growing discussion on sustainable fashion. Every Lyfcycle made garment has a unique QR code that enables shoppers to see the 'Lyfcycle' of their clothes prior to the point of sale. Sharing with consumers how and where their garments were made and providing the knowledge required to responsibly recycle or repurpose those clothes when no longer wanted.

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Total Traceability.

Lyfcycle has developed two solutions to drive the clothing industry forward in its sustainable journey, each working hand in hand with each other. The Lyfcycle mobile app and web traceability platforms provide opportunities for both brands and consumers alike to engage in eco-conscious fashion developments.

You can read more about both solutions below.


The Lyfcycle® App

Giving consumers the power to see where their clothes came from

At Lyfcycle, traceability and transparency come hand in hand with sustainable apparel. For us, this doesn't end with our B2B customers but with consumers. 

Every Lyfcycle® made garment has a unique QR code, that when scanned, via the Lyfcycle mobile app, gives consumers an insight into where and how their clothes were made. 

Our app is designed to open a door to the Lyfcycle of a garment before it reaches the end customer's hands. This includes sharing what ingredients make up a product, the processes that go into creating recycled materials and visibility of our core supply chain. It's also a tool for informing consumers about their choices when it comes to garment after care and post-consumer recycling.

An opportunity for brands and retailers to engage with consumers and proudly share with consumers the positive changes that they are making within their supply chain.

Lyfcycle® Web Traceability Platform

Giving brands & retailers visibility of their textile waste recycling

A purpose-built platform to track and trace textile waste. The Lyfcycle web platform is accessible to our partner brands and suppliers and enables us to monitor the recycling of textile waste from production.

It's a one-stop shop for all things compliance. Easy access to certificates and accreditations to boosts confidence and transparency in the supply chain.

Monitor the environmental impact of your production and work with us to reduce your footprint.


Download the app below

Available to download now from the Google Play Store & Apple App Store.
Click the links below to download our app and trace your Lyfcycle garments back to source for yourself.