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Lyfcycle Customs

We're kickstarting sustainable clothing brands. With our eco blanks and your creativity, we've got the tools to help get your brand going!

Starting your own eco clothing brand has never been easier. We want to offer individuals, start ups and small brands the means to create sustainably made clothing without the need to hold huge stocks or part with loads of cash. With our range of carefully crafted t-shirts, hoodies and sweats made from recycled materials, you'll be off to a solid start. Add to that the ability to get your weird and wonderful custom prints and embroideries onto our blanks, and you have yourself an eco-conscious clothing brand in no time. The final Lyfcycle® touch? Our garment traceability that will elevate your sustainable brand to the next level. Every garment made and supplied by us is compatible with the Lyfcycle® app. You and your customers can just scan the unique QR code within the product labelling to see where your products were made and what went into them.


How it works

1. Getting Started

You choose from our range of sustainably made blanks. You can buy our products individually - whether that's because you want to work on a made-to-order basis or you're an individual just looking to add some sustainable basics to your wardrobe. But you'll also find product bundles in a range of sizes and product mixes that enable you to offer a wide clothing range to your prospective customers.

2. Spice Them Up

Get your goods delivered blank and you're free to embellish however you choose. Or stay with us and go the whole hog... we can help you make our blanks your own. Add an embroidered logo, a custom print and custom labelling - it's as good as ordering bespoke garments but without the big investment and long lead times.

3. Ship It!

You're good to go. Your custom Lyfcycle-made clothing products are on their way to you. Get shouting about your brand because it's gonna be awesome.

Oh and did we tell you your new products are fully traceable?

4. Job Done

It really is as simple as that. We've been hard at work developing all of this from a belief that there has to be a better way. A better way for budding entrepreneurs to launch their own brands without damaging the planet and their bank accounts.

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Looking to buy our blanks in bulk?
We've put some bundles together of different quantities to enable you to benefit from bulk discounts.


We did it! All thanks to you...

Our crowdfund campaign successfully ended on 18th September. 29 days, 107 supporters and 129% funded. Thank you!

Lyfcycle Customs is now live! We're kickstarting small brands and startups with a vision for sustainable fashion, just like us. Check out our range of sustainably made basics in and get in touch to see how we can customise them with your designs.

Get creative and make it sustainable.

- The Lyfcycle Team


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