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We’re extremely proud to announce the launch of The Lyfcycle® Foundation! 

By now you know our mission: to establish a circular and transparent fashion industry. To us this means going beyond sustainable sourcing and involves re-investing in our communities to encourage prosperity and growth for everyone. It’s simple... if we benefit, so should the communities around us. That’s why we're committing to donate 5% of our profits to causes close to our hearts; social prosperity and good health. However big or small we are, we all have a responsibility to the world around us.

The fashion industry can be kinder, and we’re determined to prove it. 

Stay tuned for more updates!



These are just some of the incredible causes we follow and think that you should too.

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We've committed to donate any unused clothing samples to Sharewear in support of their efforts to provide emergency clothing to people in and around Nottingham.


Educating underprivileged children living in the slums of Dhaka by providing them with comprehensive education facilities.

Awaj Foundation


Amplifying workers’ voices for decent working conditions in the apparel supply chain in Bangladesh. We're working with AWAJ to help extend their reach among Dhaka garment workers.


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